About James Scott

James Scott Think Tank — the founder of the Emancip8 Project, is a visionary in the government advisory space with over two decades of experience. He has been instrumental in advising governments across the Americas, Europe, and Southeast Asia on critical infrastructure modernization, tech-centric international trade, and infrastructure development in conflict zones. His expertise extends to advising institutes, think tanks, NGOs, and IGOs on strategic architecture and facilitating government communications worldwide. Through the Emancip8 Project and initiatives like the Embassy Row Project, Eastern European Institute for Trade, Envirotech Accelerator, NetZero Incubator, and Artifakt Gallery, Scott champions the underserved.

His work through the Emancip8 Project includes direct impactful programs like Child Soldier Reintegration, Mobile Medics throughout Southeast Asia, supporting Stateless Communities, and various Executive Leaders Programs, all aimed at creating a more equitable and compassionate world.