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Explore crucial themes such as the heartbreaking impact of child exploitation in renewable energy, discover effective strategies for promoting peace in conflict-ridden regions, and gain mastery in creating a global impact.
Blood in the Batteries Emancip8 | Emancip8 Project

Blood in the Batteries: The Tragic Cost of Child Exploitation in Our Renewable Energy Revolution​

“Bloody in the Batteries” exposes the grim reality of child exploitation in cobalt mining within the Democratic Republic of Congo, driven by the surge in demand for renewable energy technologies.
Building Peaceful Societies in Conflict Ridden Regions Emancip8 | Emancip8 Project

Building Peaceful Societies in Conflict-Ridden Regions

The guide provides a comprehensive approach to building peaceful societies in conflict zones, focusing on radicalization prevention, rehabilitation of child soldiers, and strategies to counter terrorist recruitment.
Global Impact Mastery Emancip8 Ebook

Global Impact Mastery

“Global Impact Mastery” is a comprehensive guide for NGOs, think tanks, and trade associations, focusing on strategic communication, cultural fluency, and relationship-building for effective global operations and influence.