Stateless Communities Project

Our Mission

The Emancip8 Project is dedicated to alleviating the hardships experienced by stateless communities in Southeast Asia. Inspired by the book and NGO training series by Embassy Row Project founder, James Scott entitled “Unseen Shores: Empowering Stateless Communities in Southeast Asia”, our mission is to champion the cause of these communities by advocating for their rights, enhancing their living conditions, and celebrating their distinct identities and cultures. We are firmly rooted in the principles of inclusivity, dignity, and justice for all stateless individuals, with a special emphasis on providing educational and nutritional support to children in these communities.

We are committed to serving a diverse range of communities, including the Rohingya of Myanmar, the Orang Seletar and Jahai of Malaysia, the Bajau Laut or Sea Gypsies, the stateless people of Cambodia, the Khmer Krom in Vietnam, and the Badjao of Zamboanga. Each of these communities, with their unique histories and current struggles, are part of the rich, yet often overlooked, cultural landscape of Southeast Asia.

Unseen Shores Empowering Stateless Communities in Southeast Asia | Emancip8 Project
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The Emancip8 Project employs a comprehensive strategy to address the complex challenges that stateless communities face:

Advocacy for Nationality Laws

We strive to comprehend the roots and repercussions of nationality laws that lead to statelessness, and advocate for changes to these laws that will uphold the rights of stateless individuals.

Direct Intervention and Advocacy

We partner with local organizations to deliver immediate aid, legal assistance, and education to stateless communities. Concurrently, we undertake advocacy initiatives to raise global awareness about the realities these communities face, and press for policy adjustments that can mitigate their hardships.

Cultural Identity Preservation

We assist these communities in reclaiming and preserving their cultural identities. Our work includes supporting initiatives that highlight their unique cultures and traditions, and advocating for their acceptance and recognition within wider society.

Capacity Building

We bolster the capabilities of these communities by equipping them with skills and resources that can improve their living conditions, thereby promoting self-sufficiency and active societal participation.

Educational and Nutritional Support for Children

Recognizing that the future of these communities lies in the hands of their children, we have a dedicated focus on providing educational resources and nutritional support to the young ones. We work towards creating accessible learning environments and ensuring a steady supply of healthy food resources, which are crucial for their growth, development, and future opportunities.

Research and Documentation

We continue to study and document the past, present, and potential futures of these communities. This knowledge underpins our interventions and fuels our advocacy work.

Through these strategies, the Emancip8 Project is committed to shedding light on the struggles of stateless communities, empowering them to overcome their current circumstances. We strongly believe that every person, irrespective of their nationality status, deserves a life of dignity and the liberty to embrace their identity. By standing in solidarity with stateless communities, we aim to bring this vision to life.